Tested by International Laboratories

Our quality system covers all details a great product needs and is fully integrated with our overall business management systems. With these principles we acquire several certifications:

  • We anticipate customers’ needs and expectations.
  • We safeguard our customers by regulatory compliance.
  • We provide marketing, technical and support information that is readily accessible and easy to understand.

Quality Control System

Thorough in-line inspection of the entire production process.

Continuous thermal and impact testing of random sample products.

Final inspection of the completed product before shipment to the client.

Closed quality loop to allow for effective process and design adjustments.

Consistent reporting and tracking of deficiencies and corrections.

Production supervisor feedbacks regularly at quality update meetings.

Inspection Center

Our company has set up a first-rate inspection center in china and developed information based management subsystems like quality management, test management, quality inspection, measuring control and management of physical and chemical analyses to meet our requirements for the high-quality management level.

Our inspection center provides functions like testing, research and development for various products,. It’s equipped with mirror display gloss meter, film coating pencil scratch hardness tester, digital display electronic tension tester, visual color comparator, analytic balance, Coating impact instrument, solvent resistant smearing instrument, adherometer, UV accelerated aging test chamber, salt spray test chamber and so on. All of us, from every high-level leader to every employee,attach importance to the concept of continual quality improvement to build up our company’s culture of “quality core”